Date:  8/7/2018

Solicitation Information   

Solicitation Number: 01

Agency Contact Information

Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Hbg Area

900 S Arlington Ave, Suite 131A

Harrisburg, PA  17109

(717)557-0413 (O) (717)545-0096 (fax)

Please email us at                                                                                                                                                       with bid proposals.

Project Name:       Critical Home Repair

Description of Project:

Roof leaking, toilet doesn't flush, electrical needs possible upgrade

Bids due by September 7, 2018

HFH of the Greater Hbg Area is inviting written bids for all labor and materials described by this Solicitation.  Bids will be accepted until the Date and Time specified above.  Late bids will not be accepted.

Method of responding to this Solicitation:  Bids will be accepted by fax, email or hand delivered to Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Hbg Area specified above.

The requirements of the proposed contract for construction are described within this Solicitation, and the Solicitation will become a part of any resultant Contract.  Bidder will perform work in compliance with all applicable codes, standards, ordinances and laws.

In preparing your bid, please comply with instructions given:

  • Bid Proposals: Submit your bid by fax, email or hand delivery to Habitat for Humanity
  • If project is located in the City of Harrisburg, a mercantile license is required in order to pull a permit.
  • If project is located outside the City limits, you must meet all Code Requirements
  • All contractor’s must have workman’s comp insurance and liability insurance
  • Scope of Work (SOW): Description and Requirements of the proposed construction contract.

Bidder must contact Kim Davis or John Neumann to arrange for a site visit.

If the bidder has any questions about this Solicitation, please contact us at the phone number listed above.