Veteran Home Preservation

Our newest Home Preservation partner is a Veteran of the Vietnam War. He enlisted at the age of 17 and went to Ft Bragg for his basic training. After basic training, he went to train as an Engineer. He was then sent to Germany and while he was there, he helped build roads and bridges for the locals. He then got sent to Vietnam for his first deployment. Engineers of his unit received the nickname of Tunnel Rats while they were there. After coming home from the war he got married and now has four kids. We thank you for your service.
Team Depot Associates from Home Depot store in Dauphin County volunteered to help fix up this veterans house. They were there a few months ago to make sure the interior was safe and secure. Then on Thursday 9/21/2018, Team Depot was back to work on the exterior of the house and landscaping. Thank you for all your help!